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Briarlake Elementary

Dekalb County Schools

About Us

About Briarlake Elementary
Doors open/Breakfast Served:          7:00 am
Classrooms Open to Students:          7:20 am
"In The School Door by 7:34!"
Warning Bell:                                  7:35 am
Tardy Bell/Announcements:              7:40 am
Instruction Begins:                          7:45 am 
Instruction Ends:                             2:20 pm

Announcements & Social Development: 8:45 am
Instruction Begins:                              9:00 am
Lunch:                                               12:20 pm
Instruction Ends:                                 1:50 pm

Margaret Haratine
M/W/F 11am-2pm
678-874-2502 Telephone
678-874-2510 Fax
678-479-4715 Google Voice

Briarlake Elementary is a sweet little STEM focused school best defined by its sustainable partnerships between its parent community, teachers and administration. It is a small school packing a big punch with various extracurricular programs, clubs and extended experiences for our students! This academic experience could not happen without the outstanding support of our teacher, parent and community partnerships. Briarlake is part of a vital, diverse community that takes pride in the school and provides a strong base of support. The neighborhood is composed of a mix of single family homes, apartments, condominiums, and new in-fill housing. One of Briarlake's strongest assets is its student and staff diversity. Briarlake offers a Deaf Hard of Hearing program for mainstreaming hearing-impaired students in all aspects of instructional and curricular activities along with other varying student services. Our students matriculate to Henderson Middle and Lakeside High school where they continue their academic career. 

Motto (Guiding Phrase) 

One School. One Community. One Success.

VISION (We will be…)

Our vision is to be one of the most sought-after schools in the nation. 

MISSION (How will we get there…)

Briarlake’s mission is to OPERATE IN EXCELLENCE.


To ensure that everything we do is centered in how to achieve exceptional personal, professional, academic and social growth within students and within ourselves.

BELIEFS AND VALUE STATEMENTS (Guiding Compass for our work) 

DIP: We believe the key to our success is grounded in being Deliberate, Intentional and Purposeful in all that we do as we work to build Respect, Relationships, Rigor and Achievement.


-We will be Instructional; Constantly and systematically implementing varied researched based instructional strategies and best practices that provide student access to concepts and key developmental skills.

-We will be Reflective; Understanding that open-mind sets are critical and that there’s always space and opportunity for improvement in ourselves and our students.

 -We will be Intentional; Ensuring a laser-like focus in our work that is deliberate and purposeful, while constantly using data to inform instruction that is aligned to standards, tasks and assessments to ensure exceptional academic growth.

-We will be Sensitive; Cultivating and nurturing an open-minded, healthy, safe and supportive learning environment where diversity and compassion are assets that we embrace and promote.

-We will be highly KnowledgeableConstantly seeking a clear understanding of the curriculum, our student’s developmental needs and latest educational studies. 

-We will be Inspirational; ensuring our actions and words inspire others to positive actions. (With the belief that colleagues and students often times need us to believe in them until they can learn to believe in themselves.)

-We will be Collaborative; Sharing, supporting, and exploring practices, student work and data together to improve teaching practices, student learning and team practices that nurtures a culture of excellence.

-We will be ExceptionalAlways striving for greater excellence.



Briarlake Pride Pledge

Embedded Image for: Briarlake Pride Pledge (2016811101610114_image.png)
Today and every day, I will honor my school and try my best.
I will be SAFE in my actions.
I will be RESPECTFUL toward all people and property.
I will be RESPONSIBLE for my choices.
This is my Briarlake Pride Pledge