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Pre-K Lottery
The Pre-K lottery window is open now through March 12th.   
Grandparent's Day Luncheon
Please see the Grandparent's Day Luncheon form here, as the price has changed. 
Henderson Middle School Parent Tours
The Rising 6th Grade Parent Tours will be guided by current Henderson Middle School parents who will help answer questions on this upcoming transition for your 5th grader.

DAY TIME PARENT TOURS : 9:30 - 10:30am (Followed by a Q&A with Ms. Patillo HMS Principal)

WHEN : Thursday, January 30th         

              Tuesday, February 4th

               Friday, February 7th

Parent Orientation : 6:30 – 7:30pm (with Ms. Patillo, HMS Principal)

WHEN : Thursday, February 6th

ALSO, the Rising 6th Grade Orientation Visit will be on Thursday, February 27th from 9:30 to 11:40am in the Gymnasium.

2020 Pre-Kindergarten Online Lottery
Great news!  The 2020-2021 Pre-Kindergarten lottery will be online.  The application process will take place during February-March 2020 to ensure all interested families have ample time to apply through the online process.  Please check the District's website frequently for updates.  In the meantime, please learn more about the registration process through the following link:  https://www.dekalbschoolsga.org/pre-k/ 
Student Achievements
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First Lego League Competition "State Championships"
Great news!
Briarlake's STEM Teacher Ms. Veena Black and  SPID Teacher, Michelle Neef along with dedicated parents, Alexandra Schubert and Tony Pan led Briarlake's amazing students to state competition for First Lego League Robotics. During the competition, students, teachers and parents spent over twelve hours together at Georgia Tech competing against 31 elementary and middle school students at the  First Lego League State Championships.  Dr. Paul W. Camick Ed.D., Director, Career Technical and Agricultural Education, shared Briarlake Elementary teams are the first DeKalb team to win a trophy for state championship. He further added that DCSD has won several at the high school level, but have not won at the (ES/MS) FLL level...until now!  Briarlake ES took the 3rd place trophy!
Briarlake ES had two teams of twenty represented this year. Both teams made it to Super Regionals. Only one team made it to state. They showed such sportsmanship and team work that two students and a sibling from the other team came to cheer on team Briarlake at Georgia Tech. They missed their own basketball games and asked their parents to bring them to Georgia Tech to cheer for their peers. Our hearts are full for these kids. We are so thankful to have built relationships with these kids and their parents. True testament to the Briarlake Motto...One School. One Community. One Success!



Academic Challenge #2
Beavers rock!! We had 80 students, from pre-K all the way to fifth grade, participate for this second Academic Challenge around math! Way to go! Academic challenges are an opportunity for kids to develop Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) skillsets! It is not about getting the answer right, but about developing skillsets around brainstorming, collaborating, and troubleshooting. We strive to fill each child's thinking toolbox at a young age and to be amazed at what they will accomplish in the future! Each academic challenge is designed around STEAM activities and are perfect for young kids to 5th grade to get started with the idea of STEAM.

The list of all participants can be found here. 


Kindergarten STEM Challenge
Kindergarten’s STEM challenge- a newly organized Zoo Atlanta! Because everyday is STEM day at Briarlake! 
Social Studies Fair
Nyla Palmer, Logan Bernard, and Vivian Moore’s, "How Have Hate Crimes Evolved in the U.S.?" won at the district level and will now be moving to regionals! CONGRATS!
First Lego League Competition "Super Regionals"
We had two fifth grade teams competing against 36 teams. Our two teams were in Tournament "A", competing against each other.  Our school had the maximum amount of students (10) per team, plus they were all fifth grade "rookies". They did phenomenal! It was true collaboration with adults and kids for the teams to do well. Students won project award at both Regionals and Super Regionals. Students moved on to Super Regionals and will be competing for State Championship at Georgia Tech on February 1st! Thank you to our coaches, Ms. Black, Ms. Neef, and our parents Ms. Schubert and Mr. Pan.
Region 1& 2 Reflection Winners
The following 2019-2020 Reflection Winners will be moving on to the District Level!
Emily Coronado, 2nd Grade - 1st place Photography
Zoe Benitez, 3rd Grade - 2nd place Photography
Logan Bernard, 5th Grade - 1st place Photography

Congratulations Junior Beta!
Briarlake's Jr. Beta Club had a successful and fun trip to the State Convention in Savannah. The group started off the three day trip in a "Coastal Classroom" at Tybee Island. The next day, the group participated in various competitions with students from all over the state. Everyone did a great job and represented the school well. Students that were recognized with awards: 
Adam Samuel -- 1st place Math   
Nina Thurmond -- 4th place Social Studies

Elijah Boyd (Caiden Hughes assisted in presentation) -- 1st place Technology Click here for iMovie

Logan Bernard won TWO awards!  -- 1st place Visual Arts (Mixed Media) and "Best in Show" among all Visual Arts categories
Track Club
Congratulations to our Track Club, who concluded the fall season with a race on Saturday. We represented at the Mercedes-Benz 5k and 1 mile event! They braved the cold for a chance to run inside the venue and had a blast. It was a great turnout with kids AND parents out on the streets.Great job, Beaver runners! 
Jr. Beta Club National Competition

Jr. Beta members attended the National Beta Competition in Oklahoma this past summer. Briarlake students did exceptionally well. Our students placed in the top ten in all team competitions with nearly 10,000 kids competing at the Junior Level.

Robotics - 4th place
Book Battle - 6th place
Quiz Bowl - 9th place
Reimagine, Recreate, Recycle - 2nd place
Science Olympiad State Competition
Congrats Science Olympiad!
Of the 65 state Science Olympiad teams, Briarlake placed 10th. We are also the #1 school for DeKalb County.

Barge Building - 3rd Place, Davis Cobb/ Graham Hege
Bridge Building - 11th Place, Colin Pan/ Aaron Schubert
Data Crunchers - 10th Place, Nahom Samuel/ Sam Shapiro
No Bones About It - 18th Place, Mara Garcia/ Adam Samuel
Paper Rockets - 17th Place, Hudson Cobb/ Evan Fondu
Rock Hound - 8th Place, Isha Amara/ Benjamin Zhai
Starry Starry Night - 13th Place, Krishika Chhetri/ Sinnit Siye
Weather or Not - 12th Place, Ava Kirkuki/ Nora Miller
Which Way is North - 6th Place, Aaron Schubert/ Sinnit Siye
24 Game - 10th Place, Nahom Samuel/ Sam Shapiro

4th Academic Challenge

Congrats to the Participants of Academic Challenge 4!
- Wise
o Eduardo Whittaker
- McMillan: 
o Ari Fernandez
- Washington:
o Michael Bernard
o Julia Trojan
o Santos Whittaker
1 st GRADE (4):
- Sinclair:
o Emily Coronado
o Brooke Griffiths
o Musa Muhammad
o Elizabeth Morris
2 nd GRADE (11):
- Bibza:
o Christina Hughes
o Lyla McConnell
o Charlotte Nash
- Roseberry: 
o Zoe Benitez
o Maya Fernandez
o Hana Fondu
o Logan Holt
- Yun: 
o Ian Gerstle
o Evelyn Lee
o Ibrahim Muhammad
o Lulia Samuel
 3 rd GRADE (4):
- Foege:
o Isha Amara
- Francis:
o Josie Joyner
- Pittman:
o Hunter Buigut
- Scully:
o Kaden Chan
4 th GRADE (10):
- Gibson:
o Blaire Griffiths
o Josiah Lee
o Adam Samuel
o Aaron Schubert
o Jonathan Zewdu
- Rahbia:
o Logan Bernard
o Jophie Chan
- Rhyne:
o Cassiopee Amblard
o Evan Fondu
o Adah Machele George
5 th GRADE (4):
- Echols:
o Nahom Samuel
o Ava Terrell
- Lucas:
o Emory Kennett
- Merrigan:
o Ashlyn McConnell
Briarlake Partnered and Learned from NASA!

Our STEM-Tech Teacher Leader, Ms. Black arranged for our fourth grade students and fifth grade robotics team to have the opportunity to video conference with the Kennedy Space Center Director and former astronaut, Robert Cabana! He was also an  integral part in the work done to helped set up the International Space Station in 1998. The students were very well behaved and prepared with relevant questions to ask Mr. Cabana. The students were fantastic learners during this event. We are grateful to be able to expose our students to such expertise and experience.

The Torch Bearers Awards
The Torch Bearers Awards is a district ceremony to honor all student achievements in the area of science. Nahom Samuel, Sam Shapiro, Colin Pan, and Aaron Schubert represented Briarlake's Science Olympiad team at the Torch Bearers Award ceremony. Briarlake's Science Olympiad Team took 2nd Place at the Regional Competition and won 7 medals. 
Medal WInners:
Barge Building- 3rd place, Davis Cobb and Graham Hege
Bridge Building- 1st place, Colin Pan and Aaron Schubert
Data Crunchers- 3rd place, Sam Shapiro and Nahom Samuel
Metric Mastery- 3rd place, Nahom Samuel and Evan Fondu
Mystery Architecture- 1st place, Evan Fondu and Aaron Schubert 
Straw Egg Drop- 1st place, Logan Bernard and Colin Pan
The 24 Game- 2nd place, Sam Shapiro and Nahom Samuel
Briarlake will be advancing to the State Tournament in May!

Social Studies Fair: State Competition
State Competition
Gabby Blanchard was presented with the Certificate of Achievement. Thank you and congratulations to Gabby Blanchard for representing Briarlake at the State Social Studies fair!
3rd Academic Challenge
Congrats to the Participants of Academic Challenge 3!


-          McMillan:

o   Ari Fernandez

o   Nathan Yi

-          Washington:

o   Michael Bernard

o   Julia Trojan

1st GRADE:

-          Sinclair:

o   Emily Coronado

o   Brooke Griffiths

o   Musa Muhammad

o   Elizabeth Morris

2nd GRADE:

-          Bibza:

o   Christina Hughes

o   Lyla McConnell

o   Charlotte Nash

-          Roseberry:

o   Maya Fernandez

o   Hana Fondu

o   Logan Holt

-          Yun:

o   Ian Gerstle

o   Evelyn Lee

o   Ibrahim Muhammad

o   Lulia Samuel

3rd GRADE:

-          Foege:

o   Isha Amara

-          Scully:

o   Kaden Chan

4th GRADE:

-          Gibson:

o   Blaire Griffiths

o   Josiah Lee

o   Adam Samuel

-          Rahbia:

o   Logan Bernard

o   Jophie Chan

-          Rhyne:

o   Cassiopee Amblard

o   Evan Fondu

o   Adah Machele George

o   Misha Kurilo

5th GRADE:

-          Echols:

o   Nahom Samuel

-          Merrigan:

o   Rafi Mekbib

Social Studies Fair: State Competition
State Competition
Congratulations to Gabby Blanchard! Gabby brought home 2nd place and Best in Region ribbons. She is now off to State Competitions on April 13, at Eagle's Landing High School.
2018-2019 Board Scholars

Congratulations to our 2018-2019 Board Scholars!

  • Nahom Samuel
  • Emma Trotti
  • Sam Shapiro
  • Ava Terrell
  • Margo Peller
  • Harrison Watts
2018-2019 Math Tournament

Congratulations to Briarlake's Math Tournament Participants!

Ava Terrell            Harrison Watts     Adam Samuel       

Lulia Samuel        Jack Phelps         Hunter Buigut     

Quinn Douglas     Charlie Palmer     Seger Sanchez

Robotics Team WINS Super Regionals! 
Congratulations to Coach Ms. Black, Assistant Coach Pam Hege, and the Briarlake LEGO Robotics team on winnig the Robot Games Event and the Champion Award at the First LEGO League Super Regional Competition. They will be advancing to State Competitions at GA Tech, which will be held February 2nd. Go Briarlake Beavatrons!
FrontPam Hege, Lois Kwan, Emory Kennett, Keziah Hart, Caeli Mistretta, Sam Shapiro, Ms. Black
Back: Will Petrich, Graham Hege, Jake Grant, Nahom Samuel, Caleb Adenuga
Lego Robotics
First LEGO League Regional Competition

The Briarlake LEGO Robotics team:

Caleb Adenuga        Jake Grant            Emory Kennett       

Will Petrich               Keziah Hart          Lois Kwan

Graham Hege          Caeli Mistretta      Nahom Samuel

Sam Shapiro 

The First LEGO league regional competition was held on December 12th at Georgia Piedmont Technical College and was comprised of multiple events including a group presentation project, a core values activity, robot games, and robot design. Briarlake did well in every event, winning the robot games event and the overall championship for their group. They are all very excited to participate in the Super Regional Competition on January 12th. 

Social Studies Fair 2018-2019
 District Social Studies Fair Results

The DeKalb County School District Social Studies Fair was held on Saturday, December 1, 2018, at the Administrative and Instructional Complex.  The academic competition showcased 86 projects from 31 elementary schools.  After a day of student interviews, twenty-seven (27) projects were selected to advance to the East Metro Regional Social Studies Fair to be held on Saturday, March 10, 2019, in Rockdale County.  Special awards were also given to the student with the top project in each discipline. 

Briarlake Students/ Topics

Gabrielle Blanchard/ How did domestication of animals impact civilization?

Zane Hartken / What are the advantages and disadvantages of Urban Farming?

Briarlake Wins at State Jr. Beta Club Competition 


Jr. Beta Club Represents Briarlake at State Convention
CONGRATS to B.E.S. Jr. Beta Club!
We had one of the smallest teams represented, but out of thousands at the State Jr. Beta Club Convention, our students placed...
1st Math
1st Robotics
3rd Technology
3rd Quiz Bowl 
4th Social Studies 
5th Book Battle 
Social Studies Fair
Final Briarlake E.S. Social Studies Fair Winners, CONGRATS!
History: Nahom Samuel and Samuel Shapiro
"How did the situation in Germany change after WWI and lead to WWII?"

Economics: Zane Hartken
"What are the advantages and disadvantages of Urban Farming?"

Anthropology: Gabrielle Blanchard
"How did domestication of animals impact civilization?"
2018 Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Georgia Peachtree Junior Race
Briarlake had 102 participants at the Peachtree Jr. race. We had the 3rd highest number of participants. Track Club was awarded $1,000. Way to go Briarlake!
Recognition for 2018 State Technology Competition Achievement
Congratulations to Anna Katz and Claire Van Horn on placing in the 2018 Georgia Student Technology Competition which was held on Saturday, March 10, 2018 in Macon, Georgia!  These students competed with over 1000 students throughout the State of Georgia and 64 students representing the DeKalb County School District.  
Social Studies Fair Winners
Moving on to state finals!!!
Stella Newman and Mary Lily Brass  took 1st place in their Social Studies category (Anthropology).

Aaron Gerstle and Amanda Beckwith took 3rd place in their category (Geography).
Congratulations Jr. Beta Club  image Congratulations Jr. Beta Club
Jr. Beta Club State Convention

PTA Reflections Winners!
Congratulations to all of the following students for being PTA Reflections Winners! What a testament to the wide range of talent we have here at Briarlake! Way to go, Beaver Achievers! 
What a Race!
Congratulations to the Briarlake Track Club on the completion of an awesome race!

Smart Lunch, Smart Kids
Kindergarten's overarching STEM unit is how to get fresh fruits and vegetables to food deserts or to people who essentially do not have easy access to it.  We were able to connect with an organization called "Smart Lunch, Smart Kids" at Oak Grove Methodist Church that packs lunches every single Wednesday during the school year and deliveres them to Montclair Elementary School.
Social Studies Fair
WOW! Social Studies Fair participants did a great job!  
Hannah Choy received 3rd place.
Lyla Richards, Hailey James-Ricks, and
Sybil Thomas
are headed to the State Competition at
Clayton State on April 22, 2017.

Reading Bowl Competition
Our Briarlake kids tied for 3rd place out of 46 Reading Bowl teams in DeKalb County! Go Beavers!! And thanks to Mr. Hardwick and to all the parent volunteers who have been coaching the Reading Bowl team for months!
The participants are : Nahum Betru, Preshika Chhetri, Hannah Choy, Will Christenbury, Vivian Dolensky, Sophia Hook, Charlotte Smith-Perry, Hailey James-Ricks, Lyla Richards, Sara Semere.
Spelling Bee

The annual Briarlake Elementary Spelling Bee was held on Friday, January 13. Congratulations to the winner, Hannah Choy (5th grade), and runner up, Giovanni Silvestri (5th grade). Hannah will represent Briarlake at the DeKalb County Spelling Bee.

17 spellers competed in the Briarlake Spelling Bee. These students advanced to the school spelling bee from the grade-level spelling bees held on each team in December.

Congratulations to all of the following students who competed in the school bee: Sienna Beelner, Sarah Beule, Vivian Dolensky, Elise Garcia, Starr Haynes, Jack Hilyard, Jackson Holt, Haaven Siye, Preshika Chetri, Hannah Choy, Kamaih Dunn, Sophia Hook, Wynnton Martin, Charlotte Smith-Perry, Giovanni Silvestri, Jacob Tidwell, Sybil Thomas

2017 DCSD Technology Fair Winners
Congratulations to ALL Briarlake participants for taking the initiative and responsibility of their learning (Fourth Grade students: Elise Garcia, Grace Yu, Anna Katz, Claire Van Horn, and Aaron Gerstle)

Congratulations to our first place winners who are on their way to the GaETC State Technology Fair on March 11, 2017.


Math Tournament
Congratulations to Briarlake's 9 Math Tournament participants!
-Gia Choy, Hannah Choy, Elise Cowles, Daniel Glonty, Lois Kwan, William Petrich, Nahom Samuel, Sam Shapiro, Ava Terrell -

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